About Us


At Clean Water Group, Inc Drilling we specialize in the commercial, residential, and agricultural water industries. Using the most state of the art and up to date equipment, we have the right tools to get your job done right.

The  rig was drilling. Out of the ground and into the slough came pebbles, sand, mud, and of course, water. The workers analyzed the “mud” and disposed it into special mud disposal containers. They were checking for suspected ground water contamination from a leaky sewer line. A simple job for the Clean Water Group, Inc rigs, which drill at any level from 50 to 5500+ feet.

Our Equipment

We build a great deal of our own equipment including the drilling rigs, shaker units, and water trucks. Our team includes welders, concrete guys, and people who can fabricate metal parts as needed. We can fix and build our own equipment as well as repair, build, and fabricate whatever is needed for the well. We have an extensive inventory.

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